Thursday, May 26, 2011

Head Dressing Removed

Yesterday was a rough day for Baby Girl. The nurse we had was having a hard time keeping the medications on the right schedule and Baby Girl just didn’t seem comfortable at all.  We finally had a nurse come in the evening and tell us we could try laying her on her side and she tipped her on her side and Baby Girl found instant comfort and was able to sleep through the night. She just seemed to be tired of lying on her back for so long and needed to switch positions.

Baby Girl had her head dressing removed this morning! She looks so different now. The swelling still hasn’t gone down so it is hard to recognize her little face, but she is much happier now that her head can feel the air on it again. There was a tube that was in her head that was draining excess fluid that was also removed this morning. All she has left stuck in her is one IV in her hand and they are going to stop all of her IV fluids now since she is starting to eat better.

She has always enjoyed bath time and she had her first bath at noon today. As soon as she hit the water she was soothed and we could see that she was enjoying sitting in the warm water.

There is still a lot of fluid in her head. She weighs 1.25 lbs. more now than when she came in on Monday. All of that weight, if not more, is just fluid, and most of it in her head.

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  1. She Looks beautiful! And you guys are handling everything so well! It's so hard, I know, seeing your little one like this, but hang in there, we're all here behind you. Your in our prayers and thoughts! Love the Perrenoud's

    ps - Love the song!!!!