Wednesday, February 23, 2011


 Mom, Sisters and Me
I grew up in a family with 6 kids: 3 boys 3 girls... we were our very own Brady Bunch.  I always had someone to play with.  I was happy to be apart of such a large family.  I always wanted us to be together forever.  As I grew up I knew I wanted children, maybe not 6 but at least 3 or 4.

During our newlywed stage of marriage we had a picture perfect plan of our future family: 2 boys and 2 girls.  Each would have a best friend.  So naturally when we had Miss G and Little E, we thought okay now its time for our boys.  When we found out we were having another little girl, we were surprised to say the least. 

Sisters.  I believe is the truest form of friendship.  I have two sisters.  One older. One younger.  Through the years we have laughed, cried, fought and hugged.  Drama, yes.  Loved, yes.  I have gained many friends and lost touch with many friends over the years but my sisters have always been by my side.  That doesn't mean that we always get along or agree but we are there to pull one another at different times in our lives.

When we found out that Baby Girl was another little girl we were thrilled.  Three girls.  Could you get anymore perfect for our family.  She fits right in.  Pink, babies, strollers, purses, barbies, painted nails, hair bows, high heels...  I think Heavenly Father knew a boy wouldn't survive.  :)

Scott (who I might add is all boy) said it best as he was driving down the road one day.  He realized that he was thirsty and grabbed a bottle of water.  After he drank the bottle of water in one gulp he said out loud to himself, "Whew, I was a thirsty girl."  hahaha.  By far my favorite phrase to come out of that boy's mouth.  I sure do love him!

*Just a little note.  I really have the best brothers too!  They are my best friends and are always there to help in anyway possible.

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  1. Beautiful blog Abby! I know this can't be easy to go through, but I know what a strong woman you are! We will continue to keep you in our prayers, if you need anything AT ALL please call!