Saturday, March 19, 2011


What is so motivating about someone counting down from 5?  I honestly don't know but for some reason Miss G moves as fast as possible to do whatever is asked.  Usual conversation:

Me: "Miss G will you go get me a diaper for Baby Girl."
Miss G: "Not right now Im drawing"
Me:  "Please"
Miss G: (nothing)
Me: 5....
Miss G runs as fast as she can to get the diaper.


Me: "Miss G and Little E go get your socks on."
Miss G and Little E say nothing
Me: "Who will get their socks on the fastest?"
Miss G and Little E start running as fast as they possibly can to get their socks on first.

I don't know why counting or making it a contest works but no one is complaining in this house.  hahaha

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