Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh what a day...

So we got up early and all got dressed just in case the Pediatric Ophthalmologist (about a hour away) wanted us to come in as soon as possible.  I called as soon as they opened just to find out that he was in surgery all day.  Okay...  so what do we do now?  I spoke with his receptionist who was very helpful and gave me information of an ophthalmologist in the area who had the correct tools to do an exam on a 3 month old. 

We got an appointment later in the day to see the other ophthalmologist (only 30 minutes away).  He checked the pressures in Baby Girl's eyes, dilated her eyes and checked her optic nerve.  Everything looked great!  Whew!  He said probably what happened is her finger or hand hit her eye and caused a small bruise between the clear layer that covers the entire eye and the white of her eye.  He said it is very common and not a problem.

Since we were there and her eyes were already dilated he decided to check her eyesight. Turns out that she is farsighted just like our Little E.  Little E is happy (you can't wipe the grin off her face).  She is so proud that her baby sister will be just like her. Miss G is not so happy because she is the ONLY sister without glasses. hahaha.  Don't you love sisters, always wanting what the other has.  Though as a parent, this hurts my heart.  It doesn't look like it will phase our little one much.  I am just so happy that we were able to catch this so early.  They want to see Baby Girl in 6 months to see how everything is looking.  We probably will get glasses for her when she is around 9 months.  It amazes me how much they can know about a 3 month old's vision. 

Though it was quite the day I learned something... this is a rollercoaster ride and I need to be better about hanging on.  We are just at the beginning of this ride and yet I'm making myself sick over everything.  I truly believe that whatever happens Baby Girl will be okay (of course I have moments of weakness).  Yesterday, I was okay as long as I didn't focus on her eye.  Anytime I saw the little red spot on her eye my heart would drop.  It made me feel so sad that I felt sick.  I learned really quickly yesterday that if I wasn't in continual prayer I wouldn't make it through the day.  It's only going to get harder from here.  She will always have a reminder (scar on head) of her surgery and pain.  I am going to have to learn how to not allow it to consume me, as her mother, because she needs me for her strength.  I can't even begin to understand what Heavenly Father must have felt while watching Christ suffer on the Cross. 

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