Monday, March 7, 2011

Miss G

*School Picture  2010

Miss G.  The oldest sister. Miss G is my right hand woman.  She helps with everything around the house.  She is becoming so old.  There has been a transition going on with her.  She is still young and likes to watch cartoons, play house and run around but I've started to notice a change.  She likes to sing and dance. Miss G likes to watch the baby cousins instead of playing pretend with the toddlers.  She is the oldest grandchild on both sides of the family.  In the past, she would be the ring leader and start up games or pretend fun.  Now Miss G likes to "babysit" (meaning watch the younger cousins while their Moms talk). 

Miss G LOVES gymnastics.  When I say LOVE it really is an understatement.  She lives and breathes gymnastics.  She is always doing some kind of move that she learned in class at home.  Miss G is actually really good at it and that always excites me because I enjoyed the same thing growing up.

I am in awe at my Miss G.  She is smart, kind and loving.  When she realizes that she made a bad decision she is quick to apologize and give hugs and kisses(sometimes it takes a little while before she actually realizes that mistake).  She is still so innocent.  I absolutely LOVE that!  She understands that she is the oldest so she always is asking me if something is "age appropriate" for her sisters or younger cousins.  The other day she was talking about her hair and said "It looks like the "s" word".  I asked her what the "s" word was and she whispered in my ear "stupid".  Thank goodness that is the "s" word!  She is good to the core.  She reminds me of my older sister, "Aunt Silly" (I will explain why she is called Aunt Silly in another post.)  I hope that she doesn't change.  Little E and Baby Girl are so lucky to have such a big sister.  Miss G is my heart.

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