Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Little E

*Little E in her gymnastics clothes.

Our Little E...  she is our daughter that loves to mother.  As a baby, she usually had some type of health issue going on from asthma, reflux or her bad vision.  I worried about her because she just seemed so fragile.  She loves babies, dolls, strollers and everything that has to do with being a mother.  Little E constantly has a baby on her hip and pushing the stroller with one hand.  She loves Baby Girl and being her big sister! She is constantly correcting Scott, Miss G and me on how we are handling Baby Girl.   hahaha 

One day she told me "Mommy, you sure are my special helper".  In that child's mind, she runs the show and we are all to obey her.  She makes mothering a joy.  She is my little buddy.  Little E has most people wrapped around her little finger.

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  1. I am a victim of Miss E...she has me wrapped around her little finger BIG TIME! I love her and she always makes me smile. Thanks for starting this blog to keep us all up to date. Your sweet family is in our prayers.