Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Sneak Peek...

*Little E hanging out at home.

Guess who is rolling over from back to tummy... yep!  Baby Girl is rolling over to her tummy. If only she could figure out how to move her arm from underneath her tummy.  She no longer will just lay there.  She grunts, wiggles, pushes her head into the ground and pretty much anything else to get her little body to roll.  Honestly I just tell her to please relax. haha.  I'm quite the motivating Mommy, aren't I.  (I think its Heavenly Father's tender mercies... I really don't worry about her developmentally. She has already surpassed her big sisters.) 

In the background, Little E is walking around the house singing "J*I*N*G*O and Bingo was his name oooooo".  :)  I have tried correcting her and she was amazed that I knew the song.  She asked "Where did you learn that?"  I told her from my mommy.  She looked at me kind of crazy and said "Did she watch Barney too?"  haha.  Then she ran off to sing J*I*N*G*O again.  Oh well.  I kind of like that version better anyway. 

Miss G has picture day today.  She was excited and had the perfect hair in mind for her pictures.  She wanted curls all over her head.  Hum, yeah that meant getting up earlier to make sure it was curled and in place.  She left with her light up Twinkle Toes on and everything.  We shall see how it all turns out.  Keeping fingers crossed.  (Just in case you were wondering... yes I omitted the fall out from last night that she had from not getting to wear what she wanted.)

Just a peek into my life.

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