Sunday, March 13, 2011

Q and A

Its Friday morning and we have to be at the Dr. office by 8:30am.  Dr. M (craniofacial surgeon) does clinics in our area, so we didn't have to travel hours away this time.  Thank goodness.  We were all dressed and walking out the door by 7:45am.  I actually drove Miss G to the bus stop and waved good bye (which later I was told that it embarrassed her that I stayed at the bus stop...  and so it begins, hahaha).  I pretty much knew what I wanted to ask him but jotted down each question to make sure I didn't forget anything.

1. What are the side effects of Procrit?  Procit is a drug that is usually used with patients who have cancer because their red blood cell count is low.  They use this drug long term and there are some side effects when used like this.  Baby Girl will only use it for 3 weeks and he has never seen any side effects used short term.
2. Will he work on her forehead?  He said he will tilt her forehead back a little.
3.  Do I need to start feeding her every 2 hours?  Yes, we need to do anything that we can to raise her body weight.  More weight = More Blood (the stronger her little body is)
4. If people donated blood at the hospital, where she is having her surgery, would we get a credit on our account?  I've heard that some hospitals will credit your account (if you need a blood transfusion) if other people donate blood at their hospital and give them your name.  Baby Girl's hospital doesn't do blood donations, therefore; will not credit accounts of patients.  They use an outside blood bank.
5. Direct blood donation from a parent?  If a parent gave a direct blood donation to their child, later in life they could not donate an organ to that child because the child's body builds up antibodies against parts of the parent's blood.  Also when a direct donation is given the blood doesn't go through the same process as banked blood possibly causing a step to be missed.  Usually the parent's blood isn't as good as a match as blood bank blood.

These are just a few things we discussed during our appointment.  On a lighter note, as Dr. M was discussing everything with us he would stop and look at Little E for a moment then continue on with what he was saying.  He did this a few times.  Right before he left, he asked "Is she always like this?" (pointing to Little E).  We laughed and said yes.  He, then, said, "She is like a little woman."  hahahaha. She had been sitting on a smaller chair in the office and been quietly and attentively listening to everything that he had to say. We agreed with him.  Here is this very educated, polished plastic surgeon and he was taken back by our Little E.  She is quite the character that keeps us giggling throughout the day. 

I was so nervous getting prepared for this appointment but while we were there and afterward I felt completely at ease.  I hope this feeling stays.

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